• Amoriza Gunnink

Desires of the heart: Keep on swinging

We have, all of us, tucked into the recesses of our hearts, dreams, and goals beckoning us a vision of a preferred future for ourselves, our family, or others (our communities and world at large). Whether it is family, personal, or career aspirations, our arresting desires whisper to us, and as a flower opening to the sun, we take the necessary steps toward realizing our dreams and goals. We admire and are inspired by our role models and those who seem to have made it. At first, everything looks promising until obstacles and roadblocks present themselves, and we begin to doubt. Life brings many challenges to overcome, whether you are working towards or already living your dream.

I enjoy spending time at the batting cages. Swinging my bat, ensuring good posture and stance, and staying focused on the balls pitched at me at various angles pretty much sums up metaphorically my journey as an entrepreneur and educator. While I diligently seek to serve children, as well as pursue and reach my personal and professional goals and aspirations, I am also invariably presented with many obstacles and setbacks. Some days I hit a home run while other days I strike out altogether! At times, obstacles challenge me to a course correction. Batting requires good technique and stance. Striking out sometimes urges me to consider a slight change of plans that opens up a better path leading to the fulfillment of our dreams or goals. Other times, challenges are simply a natural and necessary part of the journey. With perseverance and practice, I improve my batting, and swing (my efforts), as well as my ability to keep my eyes on the ball (staying focused on my goals). I experience personal growth and a deepening and humbling of my character. I also develop better discernment as I navigate the various roadblocks in life. Joe Torre (1999) sums it up well:

“As a manager prior to coming to the Yankees, my win-loss record was 119 games below .500...(yet) I never gave in to the idea that I was somehow a failure... Baseball is such a perfect metaphor for life (because its) 162-game schedule-the “grind” I have known for thirty-two years – is, in fact, much closer to the daily lives of most people. You get up every morning, do your best, make small steps forward, suffer setbacks that obscure your long-term progress, fight off hassles and absurd obstacles, and once in a blue moon, you actually achieve a cherished goal that’s been the stuff of your dreams. Then, with the world’s permission, you can call yourself a winner. But only you know how many small triumphs and snarls went into that big victory, how many months, years, or decades of sweat and sorrow preceded that breakthrough. That’s baseball, and that’s life.”

Whether you are thrown curveballs, fastballs, or you find yourself dropping the ball or striking out altogether, keep on swinging! Success may not be far behind.


Torre, J. and Dreher, H. (1999). Joe Torre's Ground Rules for Winners: 12 Keys to Managing Team

Players, Tough Bosses, Setbacks, and Success. Hyperion: New York.

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