For me, it’s personal. It was the Alberta Advantage that brought me to Alberta; it allowed me to flourish; now, I want to help others flourish under its revival by the UCP.
The Alberta Advantage rests on three Es—Education, Energy, Entrepreneurship—and my focus is on the first. The school system is failing Albertans and it needs to be fixed.

Amoriza Gunnik, Candidate for UCP Calgary-Currie


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Education – My Expertise & Passion

  • Build a first-class education system from early childhood through to university through: 


a) evidence-based policies centered on best practices      and aligned to student outcomes


b) curriculum frameworks focused on deep discipline knowledge and scientific pedagogy


c) strengthening of the teaching profession and teacher professional development


  • Protect choice in education to fit the unique needs of students and families—public, private, charter, homeschooling— with funding following each child. 


  • Make our schools public spaces, using the buildings and grounds at all times of the day all year round.

Energy – Calgary’s Focus & Knowledge

  • Support continued development of our oil & gas resources.

  • Enable export of our natural resources and products interprovincially and internationally.

  • Encourage foreign investment by cutting red tape and unnecessary regulations. 

Entrepreneurship – Alberta’s strength & diversity

  • Encourage an environment of creativity and innovation, strengthening Calgary's creative economy.

  • Celebrate small businesses and job creation.

  •  Promote a free and thriving market with fair standards. 

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"As Deputy House Leader and Shadow Minister for Justice for the United Conservative Party, I know how important it is for our party to seek out candidates who have the passion, the dedication and the skills to contribute as a Member of our Legislature. The UCP needs a team of Members who will make Alberta, once again, the best place in Canada to live, to work, to raise our families.  Our Party needs Amoriza Gunnink to be the MLA for Calgary Currie.  Amoriza needs your support.  She has mine."  

Angela Pitt, UCP MLA Airdrie

Shadow Minister for Justice and Deputy House Leader

Airdrie, AB