Drs. Amoriza Gunnink

M.Ed., Ph.D. (In progress)

Education Diplomat, Curricular Specialist & Entrepreneur



Thank you for visiting my blog. I am an education diplomat, educator, entrepreneur and musician with a passion and specialty in the arts and aesthetic education in the early years. Through my professional, community, political and media involvements, I have been an advocate for children's holistic development. 

Currently, my interests are focused on public policy as it relates to the enhancement of the quality of the early care and education sector, social entrepreneurship and education diplomacy.   

Thoughts expressed on this site are my own. 

November 14, 2017

In Alberta, the introduction of Bill 24 has ensured even the least politically attached to join in the public policy mayhem surrounding outing children. School boards are grappling with the far-reaching consequences impacting student life, meanwhile the government and...

November 4, 2017

Stewardship for sustainability and the equitable distribution of resources are social justice imperatives in our world marked by economic, environmental and geopolitical instability in the 21st century. Weak global growth and uncertainty are forwarding policy challenge...

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Unraveling Threads: Socio-economic Policies and the Well-being of Children

April 28, 2020

            The Covid-19 pandemic has woven a massive knot in the tapestry of our collective lived experiences. Of particular concern, are the younges...

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